The technology agents of Skool Media at Queen’s College Lagos have qualified for the final of the 2019/2020 Conrad Challenge for high school students.

Last year, the Vice-principal (Student Affairs), Mrs Okeke and HOD Humanities, Dr Mrs Chukwu handed over all matters relating to the competition to Skool Media to prepare the students for it.

The Conrad Challenge is to unleash the potentials of the students as they work towards solving world problems through innovation. This challenge exposes them to opportunities such as an undergraduate scholarship worth $60,000 upwards for four years, and an all-expense-paid trip to attend the international Conrad innovation summit at NASA’s Kennedy space centre, Florida- United State of America.

20 Skool Media tech agents across the senior classes were selected to participate in the competition.  The agents were divided into two groups, named Team Titan and Team Rojan. With the knowledge of design/critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, innovation and communication previously taught to them by Skool Media technical officers, the girls went through different stages before arriving at a final product.

Team Titan worked on a device that will generate electricity from plants sourced from the wasted electrons produced during photosynthesis. This device is safe for the environment as it does not harm the plants, it reduces the ozone depletion rate and benefits the climate.

Team Rojan came up with the invention of a mobile application for primary health care  as a way of bridging the gap between the hospital and the patient;  a prototype of the mobile application was built by the team using an MIT APP INVENTOR where features that help patient to access a doctor, locate a pharmacy, video/voice call a doctor, emergency services, nutritional tips,  and others were embedded. Team Rojan  is already at the final stage of the competition.

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