2023/2024 Digital Students’ Competition

Dear Amazing Parents, compliments of the season.
Kindly see below the details of the Competition
1 . Parents are expected to create a 59-second video with the students (both parent and student together in the video)
2 . The video is on the theme of the competition ‘My Nigerian EdTech Story: A journey of learning and culture.
3 . The video is to be posted via the applicants Instagram handle
4 . Tag Skool Media from your Instagram post
5 . Use the hashtag #myedtechstory

About the Video
The video is basically a comparison between generations in learning/education and how learning has evolved.
Share the story of how it was in the parents’ generation vs. How it is in the students’ generation
We encourage creativity

Hint : To infuse the Nigerian aspect, your outfits should be a native attire in the video

Also, ensure that you subscribe to the monthly plan on the Exam Padi App and show proof of payment on the registration form

Registration Form :

Click here to see full details, including the steps to subscribe to the Exam Padi App : https://skoolmedia.ng/2023-2024-digital-students-competition/

National Winners :
1st – Scholarship for one session
2nd – Cash (N200,000)
3rd – Cash (N150,000)

Regional Winners :
1st – Exam Padi Tablet
2nd – Exam Padi Tablet
3rd – Exam Padi Tablet

We wish you all the best

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