As the world marks the second international day of education, Skool Media Nigeria Limited has promised to continue to give support to Nigerian secondary schools in advancing the course of education through technology. International day of education is marked January 24 every year.

The first international day of education was observed on January 24, 2019 by United Nation’s member states and other relevant bodies.

In a press release issued by Mr. Sola Oluwadare, the Corporate Communications Manager of Skool Media, he congratulated the stakeholders in education management in Nigeria for joining their counterparts all over the world to celebrate this year’s international day of education.

Oluwadare stated that there is need for school curricular to be fully galvanized in order to prepare Nigerian students for the 21st century workplace demand for hands-on Information Communication and Technology (ICT) applications and diverse vocational technical skills.

“The Nigerian children must be prepared to take up the challenges of modern workplace by developing relevant technology skills capable of making them equal in tasks to their colleagues in the developed countries.” Oluwadare stated.

He further noted there was no way students can cope with the next generation of industrial champions without rich experience in the use of technological innovations to solve human problems. He pledged that, “At Skool Media, we will continue to collaborate with the education stakeholders in Nigeria to bridge these gaps. With our Students Technology Experience Centres, Teachers Digital Learning Centres, School Library Tech Upgrade Digital Classrooms and other training services, Nigerian students cannot but compete with their counterparts globally.”

Since 2013, Skool Media Nigeria Limited has been collaborating with the Federal Ministry of Education in equipping students with digital education in over 80 Unity Schools across the country.






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