About Us

We are an education tech infrastructure company determined to redefine teaching-learning processes and experiences in schools, homes, and communities using technology and innovation to improve the quality of education at all levels for both the old and young. We leverage cutting edge technologies to make the learning environment suitable for all. We equally provide capacity building programmes to teachers, students, and other stakeholders to support them in achieving global competitiveness.


We create custom educational technology applications to address key educational problems whilst helping to shape a new narrative in education, such that teachers, learners and other stakeholders can reap the dividends of true quality education.

We are focused on making learning fun and interesting such that the learning environment can become stimulating and resourceful enough to inspire more creative and productive minds.

At Skool Media, Education is our core business, because the Education of the mind is First among other things.

Project Schools

Our Management Team
Emeruwa Chinyere
Project Manager
Moses Imayi
Chioma Okoro
Head of Accounts
Sola Oluwadare
Corporate Communications Manager
Idris Oladipo
Digital Innovation Manager
Charles Dungor
General Manager, Business and Partnership
Jadesola Ogundiminegha
Project Coordinator
Laureta Camson
IT Manager