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According to the Digital Skills in Sub-Saharan Africa report recently published by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), in Sub-Saharan Africa, 230 million jobs will require digital skills by 2030.

Skool Media has helped schools and institutions cut expenses related to physical resources and infrastructure. Traditional classroom settings and textbooks are no longer necessary, thanks to online learning environments, digital books, and other online learning tools. Even the most distant areas of Nigeria now have access to educational resources. This trend is particularly noteworthy in the Nigerian context, where K-12 education and higher learning/upskilling opportunities rapidly expand.

The Impacts

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Skool Media, through its subsidiary Edufirst.ng organizes this conference to aid in networking with other educators and build a professional network.

The African Edu-tech Conference is hosted annually with the Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC). The conference brings together over 1,000 attendees, including education policymakers, schools, students, and educators. It aims to provide a platform for exchanging ideas on new emerging trends that need more focus and exposure. It attempts to publish proposals that strengthen EdTech's goals in Africa.

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The Federal Ministry of Education supports the Digital Teachers’ Competition, with FME examining and monitoring the competition to ensure teachers' participation and collaboration. For 12 weeks, Teachers in Federal Unity Colleges across the six geopolitical zones who have been part of the initiatives of Skool Media submit entries to participate. Winners get a certificate of participation, gifts, and Microsoft Certified Educator training, which equips them with essential 21st-century teaching competencies. 

The Annual Digital Teachers Competition aims to boost teacher technology usage and equip educators in Nigeria with digital competencies. To motivate teachers to use the digital skills required for the 21st century, Skool Media strategically offers a give-back initiative while engaging with educators across Nigerian colleges. Over 10,000 teachers now participate in the competition each year since it began in Nigeria in 2020.

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Young people are becoming increasingly interested in technology and tech occupations, and despite the structure of the country's economy, technology offers them chances for employment and travel.

The CodeFunky Tech Bootcamp is an annual summer camp program that empowers Nigerian kids aged 6-17 through tech. In a project-based learning environment, it involves acquiring insightful, basic knowledge in various coding languages, robotics, graphic design, animation, design thinking, and relevant soft skills. Over 1,000 Students have benefited from this initiative.

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Skool Media’s Exam Padi, is on a mission to reduce critical exam failure rates and instill ethical values in students. As part of this larger mission, "Empower Her" was launched as a strategic collaboration with the accomplished Kenyan healthcare professional, Carol Banks. With over 16 years of experience in the field, Banks brings a wealth of insights and leadership skills to the table, making her a key figure in this project.

Empower Her," was designed to be a celebration of young girls and a platform for fostering mentorship opportunities. Its goal is to inspire and equip the girl child with essential life skills, knowledge, and motivation needed to excel in various aspects of life, including healthcare and leadership

The debut event reached out to over 200 students across both Junior and Senior Secondary school levels.

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The Unity Schools Virtual Learning project was implemented to fill the gap created by the nationwide closure of schools due to COVID-19.

With the support of the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria, Skool Media Nigeria Limited created this as an intervention in exposing students to their studies through e-learning, which snowballed into more excellent dimensions. Over 3,600 students continuously benefit from this initiative in Federal Unity Colleges across Nigeria.

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