Our Story

Skool Media Group is an Education Technology Company focused on providing learning solutions for teachers, students, and community members.
Over the past decade, in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Education, we have been at the forefront of driving a remarkable digital transformation in Nigeria’s public education system. We have undertaken numerous initiatives to revolutionize education, from implementing smart classrooms and comprehensive teacher training on digital pedagogy to equipping students with the essential hard and soft skills required for success in the digital era.
Moreover, we have successfully established and overseen Student and Teachers Technology Experience Centers (state-of-the-art digital labs) in approximately 100 Federal Unity Colleges across all states in the Federation.

The stats say it all

78 %
Project Based Learning
65 %
Partnership with the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria
56 %
Infrastructure, Connectivity and Government Support
78 +
Digital Labs
1000000 +
Students Community
45 +
Federal Unity Colleges in Nigeria
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