Register for U-Create Online Robotics Boot camp 2020

The U-Create Online Robotics Boot camp is a training designed to enable learners aged 7 – 18 years cultivate a creator’s mindset and yet acquire relevant knowledge and skills required to identify, disassemble, and assemble a Car and humanoid robot.

To help in the preparation of learners for a brighter future, the training will be focused on the following content areas: introduction to robotics, what makes a robot move? Component of the Car/Humanoid Robot, how to disassemble your robot, Re-assemble your robot.

Furthermore, learners would not need to bother about how to get the Robotic kits.

That is because upon registration, we would be giving out the U-Create Car/humanoid robotics Kit with a set of screwdrivers FREE.

However, learners would require a writing pad, A phone/tablet, computer, and internet connectivity to fully enjoy the training.

The training has been designed to hold for five days starting from 10th – 14th of August 2020.

Payment and Registration closes on 31st of July 2020.

To register, please click HERE

For further inquiries, please call 09053813727(Idris), 09053813763(Lauretta), 07018519551(Joy)

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