With the announcement of the school resumption date in Nigeria, several students are seeking information about the resumption.

There are a few details you must pay attention to upon resumption. Does that mean others are not important? No. That is not what we mean.

Having proper knowledge of these details will help you to be better prepared for the school resumption.

Below are five details concerning school reopening every student needs to know:

1.  The Resumption Date

On Thursday, the 14th of January 2021, the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria permitted schools to resume on the 18th of January 2021.

After several meetings and consultations with governors, commissioners and stakeholders, the Federal Ministry Of Education decided to go ahead and direct schools to reopen on Monday, 18th of January, 2021.

To ensure the safe resumption of schools in Nigeria, the Ministry of Education instructed schools to resume under strict covid-19 protocols. These protocols include the provision of soap, hand washing centres in multiple locations around the school vicinity, alcohol-based hand sanitiser, thermometers, and ensure the wearing of facemask and maintenance of social distancing.

You need to be aware that states also have a say in deciding when your school should reopen.

States such as Lagos and Ogun states have given the go-ahead for institutions of learning in those states to reopen. While states such as Edo, Kaduna and Katsina have specified other dates for schools in the respective states to reopen.

2.  The Possibility Of Hybrid Learning

School resumption in Nigeria is currently taking place amidst the raging coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, several academic institutions have resorted to online learning and teaching to ensure the continuous education of their students.

As a student, you must find out if your school will be resuming physically on school grounds or opting for resuming online. You should also be aware that there might be a mix of both. Schools such as the University of Lagos have opted for classes to first begin online before physical classes commence.

As a student, to prepare for school resumption, you must make adequate preparations for either style of learning. If your school will be resuming on physical grounds, get psychologically prepared to learn under strict covid-19 protocols.

On the other hand, if your school will be resuming online, it will be a great idea to familiarize yourself with edu-tech apps. You can inquire about what platform you will be taught on, and then familiarize yourself with it. This will help you be better prepared and quickly get down to the business of learning once school resumes.

3.  School Resumption Can Be Affected By Spike In Covid-19 Infections

Like we mentioned earlier, school resumption in Nigeria is currently taking place amidst the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, if there is a spike in the number of coronavirus cases, schools might be asked to shut down.

The Federal Ministry of Education mentioned that they will be closely monitoring the number of infections as the school resumption takes place.

If there is an increase in the number of coronavirus infections as schools resume, the Ministry might be left with no choice but to instruct schools and academic institutions to go on another lockdown.

However, this shutdown is subject to an increase in coronavirus infections. If there is no significant spike, schools will remain open.

4.  Use Of Protective Gear

The Federal Ministry of Education permitted schools and institutions of learning to resume academic activities, provided they reopen under strict Covid-19 protocols because failure to maintain these protocols might lead to a spike in Covid-19 infections.

As a student, you must ensure you purchase your protective gear before resuming school. This includes facemasks, face shields, and an alcoholic hand sanitizer. It is important to always wear a face mask to prevent getting infected or infecting others with the virus.

Another major reason is that you might not be permitted to enter the school premises without your face mask. Learners must also show compliance with Covid-19 protocols such as social distancing.

You must maintain social distancing in line with covid-19 guidelines. Your willingness to comply with these directives will greatly assist your school in maintaining the covid-19 protocols.

5.  A Covid-19 Test Is Not Required For Resumption

After the announcement of the school resumption date in Nigeria, several schools and institutions of learning instructed their students to come to school with a negative Covid-19 test.

Contrary to their enthusiasm to stop the spread of the virus, a covid test is not needed, as announced by the Federal Government.

On January 18, Mr. Ben Goong who is the spokesperson of the Federal Ministry of Education in a press statement revealed that a Covid-19 test is not required for students. In the statement, Mr. Goong clarified that students returning to schools and academic institutions do not need to undergo any Covid-19 test before being admitted into their schools.

He also warned authorities of academic institutions not to request a Covid-19 test from students or parents. Rather, they should check the temperatures of students, parents, tutors, non-academic staff, and any other individual before allowing them into the school environment.


Schools in Nigeria are resuming at a time when the country is experiencing the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

Keeping abreast of these details will help you plan and be better prepared for the new school session.

Most of the school resumption updates are guidelines on what to and what not to do, to avoid the spread of the virus. And to help you stay safe. So, always be on alert for any new information and update and try to adhere to comply with directives from your school and the Nigerian government.


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