Students Technology Experience Centre

A collaborative workspace for making, learning and exploring. A creative learning space for project-based learning.

Hub Programmes - For Students

  1. Coding – HTML and SCRATCH via code camp or codecademy and Robotics ( Code My Robot) via
  2. Google digital skills
  3. Information retrieval – information literacy using key search engines.
  4. Soft skills – EQ, team building, creative thinking and complex problem solving, Personal branding.
  5. Creative writing and public speaking workshop.
  6. Gamification, AR and VR, and movies
  7. Hackathons, bootcamps, competitions etc.
  8. Hub unique programmes: Idea Day, digital innovation workshop, Meetups etc.
  9. Educational videos and tutorials
  10. Practical subject sessions
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Tech Agents

The TechAgents are students who are originally tech enthusiasts elected by fellow students and would be committed to taking responsibility on behalf of the generality of their class members. They benefit from a wide range of specialized capacity building programmes of the Experience Centre.

We have over 20,000 tech agents across 74 unity schools in Nigeria.

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