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The celebration of the 2022 International Day of Education is coming at a time all stakeholders in education sector in Africa should be committed to transforming the context and content of education to make living meaningful; particularly as the world prepares to navigate the post Covid-19 era.

The first International Day of Education was observed four years ago by United Nation’s member states and other relevant bodies; and since then, it has become a special annual event. Hence, the fourth International Day of Education Day is being celebrated on Monday, 24 January, 2022.

The theme of the day this year is “Changing Course, Transforming Education”. The purpose of this theme is to strengthen and welcome the revival of education. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the physical recovery from this pandemic is that we are back at our work and are sound and healthy but mental recovery is only possible when our education is back on track which is the most vital thing to do. Education in this regard is so important that we even require learning to avoid the contamination of viruses.  The UN agency maintains that the 2022 theme stresses that education itself must be recovered, and its importance must be redressed for the large benefit of our generation.

Skool Media Nigeria Limited urges all stakeholders to put all hands on deck towards changing the course of education to make it a tool of transforming the society. It is of utmost importance that a transformed education will give birth to a transformed society.

As a way of promoting this, we are working on a one-stop-shop application called “Exam Padi” that will address challenges students face in preparation for examination at this time and make it friendly to students. The fact remains that without a proper change in the context and content of education to reflect a preparation towards modern society, any other effort will be an exercise in futility.

This app will therefore be a best-in-class teachers’ and technology solutions to provide Nigerian students with high-quality, affordable, and open education. This serves as a gap-bridging device that will fast track learning rate as the school calendar adjusts to normal. We also believe that it will enable Nigerian children to compete favourably with their counterparts all over the world. When education in Nigeria experiences transformation, the future is indeed secure for our nation.

We believe that transformative education is the responsibility of the family, the school system, the society, and the government.  African countries in particular need to work hard to ensure that education is placed in its prime position in the 21st century, particularly as the Covid-19 curve is flattened.

At Skool Media, we will continue to maintain our commitment to promoting the course of education through collaboration with the education stakeholders in Nigeria to support ideas geared towards advancing education. Our Students Technology Experience Centres and Teachers Digital Learning Centres in most Federal Unity Colleges will continue to serve as avenues to acquire necessary digital skills for Nigerian teachers and students so that they can compete favorably with their counterparts globally.



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