Are you a Proprietor? Or you are a School administrator? Then you need to read this. If you start noticing a drop in productivity of your teaching staff, then you have to put things in place to make sure that they remain at their best.

Whether a teacher or professional in another field, Over and over again studies have revealed that the happier an employee is, the better they will be. And indeed the more productive they will become.

I know we all agree that it is not your job as an employer to make your teachers happy, however, making them happy can go a long way in ensuring that they remain productive and this will also help you accomplish your primary goal: to improve the lives of children.

To ensure School owners keep getting the best from their teaching staffs, we have put together 8 things that a school owner can do to make sure their teachers feel appreciated.

  1. Get to know them one-on-one

This doesn’t mean that you have to become ‘personal’ with your staff but It also helps if you are open about how appreciative you are of the things that teachers do for you and your school. Expressing even a little appreciation goes a long way.

2.  Learn to celebrate growth and achievement

This one is simple. Rather than handing out ‘teacher of the year’ awards, celebrate the growth and achievement of teachers over time.

3. Seek their opinion on issues

When teachers are able to provide their experience and expertise, not only can they feel appreciated, but they can do so for the right reasons: their ability and passion for teaching.

4. Learn to be honest

One way to think about this one: Few things can do the opposite of making someone feel appreciated more quickly than dishonesty. Honesty is central to respect and respect is central to mutual appreciation.

5. Don’t hesitate to share their success outside the school

Whether bragging about the work of a committee or leadership during a student project-based learning unit, sharing a teacher’s success outside the school–to parents, other teachers in other schools, PTA meetings, or at conferences, recognizing the effort and ability of your teachers motivates teachers but more critically, is the right thing to do.

6. Organize bonding activities for them 

Whether it’s a staff meeting that you turn into something fun or a one-off luncheon, scheduling an event for your teachers can relieve stress, let your teachers know that you care about their well-being, and give them a chance to interact with one another in a not-about-school way. If you don’t have time to set it all up yourself, look for a company that specializes in event management. They can customize an event to meet your needs.

By socializing together with your school staff, it lets them see you as a real person, not just an administrator. Feeling like part of a team can help teachers deal with setbacks when the load is shared by many and not just on their shoulders.

7. Leave thank you notes

Showing appreciation for teachers doesn’t always require money, events, announcements, social media, or an awards ceremony. An authentic expression of gratitude for even a minor ‘thing’ you noticed on a post-it note left on their desk when they’re not in the room can go a long way in communicating appreciating and respect.

8. Help them learn, develop, and grow

No one wants to feel like they are in a dead-end job with no room for growth or improvement.

It is a good idea, as a school owner to help teachers learn, develop, and grow. Whether that’s encouraging teachers to attend workshops or helping them take courses and related teacher professional development, these initiatives help build capacity and confidence that leads to teachers that feel able, supported, appreciated and productive.

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